Vision & Strategy

We envision a world where the dignity and worth of every individual is paramount, where respect and justice guide human activity, and where every person is able to reach their full potential. We know this world is attainable through education, compassion and dedicated effort.

As we work alongside many who share our worldview, Echo programs have reached thousands during the past decade; and yet, we continue to see worldwide reports of war, terror, famine and poverty. Clearly, there is still much work to be done for humankind.

After twelve years of one-on-one educational programming, coupled with a belief in the transformative power of film, Echo steps into a new realm with our first in a series of documentaries. Created by Indievision Films in association with Emulsion Arts, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ELIE WIESEL gives visual expression to Echo's work for social justice through education and positions the organization to reach audiences worldwide.